Thursday, October 16, 2014

Piperia unalascensis fma. olympica

Piperia unalascensis is a common and widespread species that grows down the west coast and into the southwest, across the northern United States and southern Canada, but there is a dwarf form of the species that grows only on Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, Piperia unalascensis var. olympica.  Ordinarily the species grows as tall as 90 cm but the dwarf form to 15 cm.  The flowers of both forms are unremarkable and very small, less than 0.5 cm.  It can also be found under the names Platanthera or Spiranthes or Habenaria unalascensis or Platanthera foetida.


  1. The highs are very showy. Beautiful green flowers.

    1. Thanks ever so much, angel. All the best.