Friday, October 10, 2014

Epipactis gigantea

Epipactis gigantea is our only native Epipactis, though Epipactis helleborine is also quite common in our area, especially at lower elevations.  That species, however,  is a European import and not a native.  Epipactis gigantea is known both as the Stream Orchid for its preference for wet areas and as the Chatterbox for its moveable lip.  By any name it is a beautiful species with large flowers and attractive plants.  The plants have pleated leaves and generally grow to 30-45 cm, though they can be taller.  The flowers, as many as several dozen to a spike are 3 cm across and beautifully colored.  We know several locations where these can be found but found a new location this summer with hundreds of plants, a great find since the species is quite rare and protected in Washington.

July 24
(Olympic Peninsula)


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    1. Thanks, Prem. Trust you are well.

  2. Fantastic pictures Ron!. This Epipactis has a very beautiful flowering. It is a marvel. Congratulations on the location.

    1. Thanks, Angel. This is one of our most spectacular native orchids, so it is always a delight to find it in a new location. Hugs.

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    1. Thank you, friend, for looking and commenting.