Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Piperia elongata

Piperia elongata tooks very much like Piperia transversa, except that it is usually a taller plant, up to 60 cm tall, with flowers that are usually a darker green color and have a spur that curves downward under the flower.  The shape of the spur and the color of the flower are diagnostic.  Like the other Piperias it prefers exposed and dry locations and is often found growing near Piperia transversa, Piperia elegans and Piperia candida.  It is faintly fragrant at night its leaves are usually withered by the time its flowers open.  It should be noted that recent name changes have put the Piperias back into the genus Platanthera.

July 24
(Olympic National Park)

July 25
(Whidbey Island)

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