Friday, August 29, 2014

Platanthera obtusata ssp. obtusata

Platanthera obtusata, ssp. obtusata, the Blunt-leafed Rein Orchis is found only in the far northeast corner of Washington but is very common further north and east.  It grows "in the mountains east of the coastal ranges south of Alaska."  The single "blunt" leaf is distinctive and with its flower spike the plant is only 35 cm tall.  The whitish-green flowers are 2 cm and resemble a long-tailed bird in flight.  It is not a striking species but has a quiet beauty all its own.

July 8
(Canadian Rockies)

July 10
(Canadian Rockies)


Angel Mar said...

Here we have 2 relatively abundant in some enclaves species (P. chlorantha and P. bifolia) and other more scarce (P. algeriensis). The pictures are fantastic!

Ron said...

We have eight Platanthera species here, aquilonis, chorisiana, dilatata, huronensis, obtusata, orbiculata, sparsiflora and stricta and one natural hybrid xestesii. Thanks for commenting.

Martin Hild said...

Well, we only have 2 Platanthera species in Germany (chlorantha and bifolia). I heard tho, that in Norway they have a subspecies of P. obtusata (ssp oligantha), which is exceedingly rare.
I have seen this one in Canada's Jasper National Park, alas not in bloom.
Great pictures of this delicate plant.

Ron said...

That subspecies of P. obtusata is reported from Alaska and from eastern and northern Canada if I am not mistaken, but is quite rare. Appreciate the comments and enjoyed seeing some of the pcitures from your trip.