Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Neottia banksiana

Neottia banksiana or Neottia caurina as it is sometimes known, is a very common species in our area, blooming along nearly very mountain trail.  Like all the Neottias in our area it is small and easily missed and has rather inconspicuous flowers.  It stands from five to eight inches (12-20 cm) tall, and has green flowers with a distinctive lip that has a broad, rounded end and two blackish marks near the base.  Up close the 1 cm flowers look like tiny green insects.

June 25
(North Cascades)

June 27
(North Cascades)

July 27
(South Cascades, Mount Rainier area)


  1. Beautiful photos of this beautiful species. Best regards

    1. Thanks, Angel. It is beautiful, but s small that its beauty often goes unnoticed.