Saturday, June 16, 2018

2017, A Missed Year

2017 was a missed year for us as far as native orchids were concerned. I was in the hospital four times from March through August and did not really start feeling better until January of 2018.

Back on March 22 I went in to emergency at the local hospital with what I thought and the doctors first thought was appendicitis. An abdominal drain was put in to drain off the expected infection with an appendectomy scheduled several weeks later. The abdominal drain, however, produced no signs of infection but rather a kind of mucous and I was sent on to a specialist in Seattle who diagnosed the problem as mucinous neoplasms of the appendix, basically a tumor of the appendix that was producing a mucous-like substance that would in time strangle my organs and that could also have been cancerous. I had surgery on May 9 and had my appendix, part of my colon, gall bladder, omentum and peritoneum removed and was in the hospital recovering until May 24th (15 days). Thankfully, there were no signs of cancer.

While recovering from the surgery at home I ended up back in the hospital the end of June with blood clots in left leg and in my lungs. After spending several days in the hospital and being prescribed blood thinners I was sent home again and began the recovery from that problem.

Then the beginning of August I was back in the hospital, first in Bellingham and then after being transferred, in Seattle, this time for an obstructed bowel, the result of scar tissue. That stay lasted a week before the obstruction cleared and again I was sent home and have been home since gradually regaining my strength.


  1. Hi Ron,
    Wow 2017 was not a good year for you. All those surgeries and hospital stays. We never know in life what can happened tomorrow. Hopefully now, you can heal. Take it easy one day at a time.
    Glad to hear you are on the mend.

    1. Thanks, Thel. We seem to be back on track. Spent yesterday exploring and hunting native orchids and today hiking.

  2. Hi Ron,
    I am really happy you are back. I was wondering what happened, but was too scared to ask. I really hope you are doing completely well again.
    I checked this place every now and then - and was desperate. Now I am relieved to hear from you.
    Last year we've been to the US for our honeymoon and the eclipse and I thought a lot about you.

    Anyways... I hope to read more from you.


    1. Thanks, Martin. I check out your blog occasionally, too. I'm doing well now and should be adding to my blog once again in the near future.