Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Western Fairy Slippers near Leavenworth

On our way to eastern Washington recently we hiked (dwadled is more accurate) along the Chiwaukum Creek trail through an area that was devastated last summer by wildfires (the Chiwaukum Complex Fires).  We went looking to see if the Fairy Slippers were blooming there and they were, though there were not nearly as many of them as previous years.  The area where we usually find them had been missed by the fires, but we wondered if their lack of numbers was not somehow related to the fires.


  1. Hi, I spotted some of these this past weekend in the Olympic peninsula (Heather Park Trail). I recognized them as orchids and in my quest to get more specifics I happened upon your site. What a great and beautiful resource!

    1. Great job finding them and thanks for the kind words.