Saturday, August 1, 2015

Twenty-second Orchid of the Season

Like the other Piperias this species has been placed back in the genus Platanthera and is now Platanthera elegans.  It grows and blooms in exposed coastal areas and these were photographed near Deception Pass on Whidbey Island.  We've seen plants in the Olympics that were nearly 90 cm tall, but these were all around 30 cm, some even less, though that may be due to a very dry summer.  The flowers, though small, are densely packed and the species is quite showy, the most beautiful of our native Piperias.  Seen close-up the flowers, though they appear to be white, actually have a green stripe down the center of the petals.  The flowers are also faintly fragrant.

 Piperia elegans

 Piperia elegans and Piperia elongata


  1. Interesting and beautiful.
    With all your pics of different types of orchids, I have to observe more in this area to see if more species of wild orchids exist here.
    Thanks for sharing and the knowledge of these beautiful orchids.

    1. Appreciate the visit and comments, Thel. Hope you find some native orchids.