Monday, November 3, 2014

Piperia candida

Piperia candida is another of the five Piperia species we have in the Pacific Northwest.  It closely resembles Piperia unalascensis except for the fact that its flowers are white instead of green and therefore also more showy.  Both species have small flowers and a much shorter spur or nectary than the more showy Piperias, but this species is not unattractive.  The plant can be quite tall, over 60 cm, but the flowers are only 3-4 mm, more or less densely packed on the flower spike.  Very often the leaves are withering or have disappeared by the time the plant blooms.  It seems to prefer open dry woodlands and roadside banks.


  1. Very beautiful! Variety of beautiful species in that genus. Hugs

    1. Five species here in the Pacific Northwest, but I hear rumors that they are no longer in a genus of their own - that they've been transferred to Platanthera.