Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Platanthera huronensis

This rather uninspiring species, the Green Bog Orchis, is common especially as one goes further north.  There are areas in the Canadian Rockies where we see this species by the thousands.  It is one of the green-flowered Platantheras that are sometimes difficult to distinguish, but in our experience the distinguishing features are (1) the color of the flowers which are green to greenish-white, (2) the length of spur, about the same length as the lip, (3) the position of the spur, which is usually only slightly curved forward, (4) the scent - some of the other green-flowered Platantheras are not scented, and (5) the position of the anther sacs high in the flower.  As is evident from some of the pictures, we often find it growing with Platanthera dilatata.

July 7
(Canadian Rockies)

 July 9
(Canadian Rockies)

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