Thursday, July 31, 2014

Corallorhiza trifida

The Early Coralroot, Corallorhiza trifida, is well-named.  At lower elevations it is the earliest of the Coralroots to bloom, but at the location we visit each year it is growing at a very high elevation and though blooming soon after snowmelt, is still quite late in the season.  It is a rather inconspicuous species, standing only six to eight inches (15-20 cm) tall and a pale yellow-green color with flowers the same color.

June 18
(North Cascades)

June 25
(North Cascades)


  1. Fantastic! It is one of which I have earrings... and very difficult to locate here. Best regards Ron

    1. We saw this species also with the couple from Germany, but it is not easy to find here either. I know of only two locations.

    2. It is a great luck to see it in nature. Congratulations!

    3. It is uncommon here in Washington but much more common further north in Canada, especially int he Canadian Rockies. Would be cool to have earrings featuring this species.