Saturday, June 7, 2014

Cypripedium montanum fma. welchii

Cypripedium montanum, the Mountain Lady's Slipper, has a named form with a reddish-purple rimmed lip or pouch, Cypripedium montanum fma. welchii.  The species itself varies considerably in the color of the petals and sepals, but whenever we have found this color form it has uniform and very dark petals and sepals, a deep mahogany color and sometimes a pouch that tends to an overall pink color.

May 30
(photographed at four different locations)

May 31
(photographed at a fifth location)


  1. A real waste of beauty. In Spain we have only the C. calceolum and in danger of extinction (there are only 3 populations). I was photographing this weekend.

    1. Cyp. parviflorum (our version of Cyp. calceolus) is also very rare in Washington and carefully guarded.