Friday, April 26, 2013

Second Week of the Native Orchid Season - Fairy Slippers

April 14-20

Twice this week, and once with my wife, I visited Sharpe Park south of Anacortes.  It is on the coast and has several miles of trails as well as some great views of the San Juan Straits and Islands.  When I visited I found quite a few Fairy Slippers though not as many as in Washington Park the previous week.  When I went again with my wife we found a few more.  It was quite windy both days, so photography was a challenge, as it often is outdoors.

We found one flower that appeared to be a pale form, though the flowers do turn white after being pollinated and just before they close and wither.  In any case it was still very beautiful and we made sure we got plenty of pictures of it.


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