Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Listera borealis on the Berg Lake Trail

 These native orchids are so small that whenever I am taking pictures of them along the trail someone stops and asks what I'm photographing.  In fact on this hike I missed most of them on the way in and only saw them on the way out when I was keeping a closer watch for them.

The flowers are distinguished by the dark green stripe on the lip, but the plants are less than 15 cm tall and are usually hidden by other vegetation.  They tend to grow in darker locations and are also for that reason somewhat difficult to find and even more difficult to photograph.

Listera borealis, the Northern Twayblade, grows all along the Berg Lake Trail from very near its beginning up to the shorez of Berg Lake and is in bloom over a very long period of time.  I enjoy it but can understand the unenthusiastic response of some.

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