Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ute Ladies'-tresses (Spiranthes diluvialis)

This is was the last of all the native orchids of Washington that we saw and photographed.  Across its range it is rare and that is the reason it took so long for us to find it.  It is thought to be a natural hybrid of Spiranthes romanzoffiana and Spiranthes magnicamporum, the Hooded Ladies'-tresses and the Great Plains Ladies'-tresses.  We found it in two of the four locations from which it is known in Washington, about 50 plants in one location and more in the other.  It prefers gravel bars, pond edges and riversides.  The plant is 30 cm tall and the flowers typical for a Spiranthes species, about 1.5 cm. 


  1. A wonderful natural hybrid. Congratulations to locate it. Best regards

    1. Thanks for the comments, Angel. We went to a lot of effort to find this one. We searched for it two years in a row.